Another alleged witch nearly killed at Sumpini In West Gonja (Watch Video)


A woman who is alleged to be in her 60s is said to have been lynched and almost killed in the West Gonja in the northern part of the country on the basis that she is a witch.

The woman who was identified as Madam Meri Ibrahim from Sumpini in the West Gonja Municipality was said to have been beaten to a pulp by people in the community after it was alleged that she was a witch.

According to reports, the said woman was alleged to have ganged up with some other witches to bewitch a gentleman in the community which leads to her receiving the beating of her life.

Madam Meri Ibrahim who was very weak in a speech with reporters stated that she was in her house when a group of men who were armed to the teeth batched into her home and started assaulting her on the account that she is a witch.

She further stated that she pleaded with them that she was not a witch but a deaf ear was turned to her plea as they kept beating her.

Watch The Video Below;




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