Ibrahimovic signs a New Contract with AC Milan worth £6m


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has announced that he is signing a new one year contract with AC Milan as he aims to help the club to get back to where they belong.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has signed a new contract with Milan worth £6m

The 38-year-old  Swedish striker signed a new £6m deal to stay at the San Siro for the 2020/21 campaign after the club released him following the expiration of his initial 6 months contract he signed in January.

Ibrahimovic joined his Milan team-mates in preseason training and the striker claimed he is not a mascot but  is there to help rise up back to its glory days as a top-flight club and on top of the Italian league table.

Speaking with Milan offical channel Ibrahimovic said: ‘I’m happy to be here again. Finally everything is sorted and I’ve finally come back to where I feel at home- now we’ve got to work and achieve results.

‘I’m not here to be a mascot. I’m here to achieve results and help the squad, the manager and the club to take Milan back to where it belongs.

‘In the last six months we’ve done well but we haven’t won anything. There’s the possibility to start working hard and making sacrifices to achieve our goals.’

AC Milan haven’t won the Scudetto since Ibrahimovic’s departure in 2011 where he was part of the team that won the Serie A and the club has not played in the Champions League for the past six years.

The Swedish striker signed a six month contract with Milan in January netting 10goals in 18 Serie A appearances

His new contract according to Sky Sports Italia does not include appearance or goal related bonuses.

The Striker made 18 appearances for Milan in the last Serie A campaign netting 10 goals and feels he is in fine form to kick of the new season.

‘I feel fine and in form,’ he added. I hope to see the Milan fans back in the stadium soon.

‘The team needs its fans that blows the roof off at the San Siro.’


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