Woman rains curses on a man who grabbed her butt in public [Watch]


A lot of things have been happening recently as a young lady who was dressed in a very hot straight dress and looking very attractive has rained curses on a young man who couldn’t just watch as the lady pass.

According to reports, the said lady was walking in town when her ass was touched by an unknown man who felt disrespected and started raining curses on the man. “God will punish you for this,” she said after she felt that she had been hit on the butt.

Eyewitnesses at the scene began to laugh after the man for hitting the ass of the lady.

A lot of people have reacted after the video came out with some calling the man all sort of names and calling for him to be found and arrested whiles some are also of the view that it was the lady’s fault as she was dressed in such an enticing attire.

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