Ghana records 117 new coronavirus cases


The Ghana Health Service has in a new update stated that the country has recorded an additional case of 117 to add to the number of cases bringing the total to 43,622.

According to reports, 41,695 people are said to have been recovered after contracting the virus whiles 263 people have been confirmed dead after they tested positive for the virus.

The Ghana Health Service has called on all Ghanaians to adhere to the safety protocols that have been set out for all to follow as the virus is real and is still hanging in the air.

Find below cumulative cases per region

Greater Accra Region – 21,684

Ashanti Region – 10,763

Western Region – 2,947

Eastern Region – 2,224

Central Region – 1,849

Bono East Region – 749

Volta Region – 656

Western North Region – 598

Northern Region – 497

Ahafo Region – 496

Bono Region – 480

Upper East Region – 282

Oti Region – 229

Upper West Region – 88

Savannah Region – 62

North East Region – 18

Let Ghanaians continue to social distance, wear face masks, uses sanitizers regularly, and wash our hands regularly with soap under running water. Until the virus cure and vaccines  are found and administered successfully let keep gorgeously COVID-19 protocols and stay safe.


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