Death Is Better Than Being A Single Lady – Nigerian Rapper


Nigerian Rapper Tipsy Enupo has in a recent statement spoken about how being single in Nigeria can be very tough and had to deal with as people are always trying to figure out your life for you.

According to Tipsy, the rate at which single ladies are being treated in the country is very bad and not fair at all as most single ladies are no more confident.

She stated that society has a perception that when you are single then that means you cant own anything good and you would have to live like a pauper.

“In Nigeria, if you’re single and you even want to rent a house you’re been looked in a different kind of way as the landlord would be wondering how you would be able to rent after some time and also when you are single then that means you can’t own anything valuable as you would be regarded as being into prostitution or something like that,” She said.

She concludes by saying;

“It’s better to be dead than being single in this country”


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