Dzifa Gunu leaks alleged photo of George Andah wearing girlfriend’s G-string


It seems it’s now a war between the ruling NPP and the opposition NDC ever since Kojo Oppong Nkrumah threw caution to the wind and used ‘Papa No’ during a statement while addressing parliament.

NDC activist, Dzifa Gunu in an effort to prove no man will stand righteous in matters of morality has leaked an alleged photo of a high ranking member of the NPP to equalize the playing field.

Dzifa Gunu alleged the person within the photo was the Deputy Communication Minister and Member of Parliament for Awutu-Senya West Constituency, Hon. George Andah.

In the photo, the person had a lady panty around his neck. Dzifa Gunu claims the person was telling the girlfriend what the magnitude of love he has for her and claims that he despises his own wife.

Before sharing the photo, Dzifa Gunu posted on his Facebook page to excite his thousands of followers:

“We handle the tiny ones first, the large fish are going to be ready for frying soon George Nenyi Andah! does one remember today, what you said about your wife? See you at 12noon”.

When the appointed time was finally up, the controversial NDC figure posted on her Facebook page again:

We are back. Is that a lady’s panty around his neck? does one remember why you had to wear the dirty panty around your neck that afternoon, and where?


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