Lindsay Birbeck murderer Rocky Marciano Price named


The 17-year-old boy convicted of murdering teaching assistant Lindsay Birbeck has been named as Marciano Price.

The 47-year-old mother-of-two body was found in an exceedingly shallow grave in Accrington Cemetery fourteen days after she went missing while walking in 2019.

Price, who previously couldn’t be named thanks to reporting restrictions, was found guilty of murder at Preston Crown Court on Wednesday.

He is going to be sentenced on Friday.

Trial judge Mrs. Justice Yip ruled the general public interest in knowing his identity outweighed concerns over his welfare.

Price had admitted moving Mrs. Birbeck’s body with a wheelie bin but had claimed he buried her for a stranger who had promised him money.

His parents, Creddy, 47, and Martina, 39, took him to a neighborhood police office after a CCTV clip utilized by police in an appeal showed a young male pulling the wheelie bin on Burnley Road.

His conviction came a year to the day that Mrs Birbeck went missing.

The trial heard Price had no previous convictions or cautions and had lived all his life together with his parents and at their home off Whinney Hill Road, near the cemetery, where several members of his family had been lain to rest.

It was revealed he was an exceptionally quiet teenager with learning difficulties who attended an area specialist school after he was diagnosed with autism and a spotlight deficit hyperactivity disorder.


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