Tracey Boakye likes juju too much- Kani Gloria


Gloria Kani spat fire in Tracey Boakye’s face as she made more damning revelations about the latter.

Kumawood actresses Gloria Kani and Tracey Boakye are at each other’s necks in the past few days because the relationship between the estranged friend hits the rocks.

An agitated Gloria fired a robust warning to Tracey during a new video and dared her to reply

The actress turned evangelist mentioned that if not her mother, she would have dragged Tracey into the gutter.

“I will ask your baby daddy to travel for a DNA test. There’s a mess all around you so cover your tracks by shutting your mouth. you’ve disgraced me for far too long a time”, Gloria raged.

She added, “I know you’re heartless but I never imagined you’ll ever bad mouth me. I do know you’re also into juju. inform everyone how you left the United Kingdom. Your mum came from work and caught you…… don’t get me started.”


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