Popular Catholic priest impregnates 30 nuns


Wonders they assert shall never end and indeed it’ll never end once we still live under the sun. Each day we see and listen to some strange stories that sometimes make me wonder what world are we in.

Another shocking story our outfit has had will leave you aghast for hours and doubtful for days because you least expected it from such a reverend individual who should have been held in high good moral values.

A Malawian catholic priest has impregnated 30 nuns, Pope Francis has confirmed the reports for the mass in time.

According to Pope Francis, he revealed that priests and bishops in the Catholic Church had sexually abused nuns which some priests are suspended on several occasions.

Specifically, several examples came from Africa, where priests were said to force and turned to nuns for sex during the spread of AIDS.

The Vatican yesterday acknowledged the reports but added that the incidents of sexual assault are “restricted to a particular geographical area,” without clarification.

Vatican spokesperson Joaquin Navarro-Valls said, “Work is being done both on the training of individuals and also the resolution of individual cases.”

He added, however, that some negative cases cannot allow us to forget the usually heroic faith expressed by the massive majority of these men and ladies in religious orders and of the clergy.”


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