Ghanaian who invented water bicycle makes a sweeping bicycle


The adept young Ghanaian engineer known for the famous water bicycle invention has proven he features a bag of ideas as he comes up with another innovation- a sweeping bicycle.

Frank Darko has invented a tricycle that sweeps along as you ride it and he calls it a ”sweeping bicycle.”

The Takoradi based engineer explained that his invention may be a contribution to solving a number of Ghana’s sanitation problems.

Ghana, in 2015, was ranked the 7th dirtiest country in the World by the planet Health Organization and Frank believes that focus should be paid to the country’s sanitation challenges.

“In 2035, Ghana will to be a miserable place for a child to grow. But we will be able to change the future depending on the actions we take now. We must totally change our behavior towards the immediate environment in which our lives depend on”, he said.

Even today graduates have joined in littering the environment. As an honest citizen, I even have to try something to assist stop the dark future that’s hanging upon us.”

Asked what inspired his invention, the engineer didn’t mince words in expressing his disgust for the utter disregard for cleanliness in our surroundings.

He particularly spoke about the canal which leads the Odawna River to the ocean in Accra and the way it’s been full of sand and refuge.

“In my vision I see the canal being used as a walking path because it’s finally choked with sand and plastic waste. Vehicles could even ply on it. The sad part is how people will lose their homes and lives in the event of heavy downpour”, he expressed.

In a new video, Frank takes the general public on a mind trip as he reveals what influenced his idea and the way he went about putting the ”sweeping bicycle” together.

The young man who is currently on a full scholarship at the Takoradi Technical University gave props to Dr. Phyllis Hendrichs, Engineer Kakra Mchammah, the CEO of Muhammad Engineering Company, and the President of CILT GHANA Ebo Hammond for their contributions to his life.

Frank Darko added that he still had tons more intriguing ideas to figure out after his first innovation, a bicycle that would travel on water, brought him national recognition, and was featured during a BBC documentary.


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