Lady Celebrates 28 Years Of Living With HIV (Photos)


Doreen Moraa Moracha, a woman who has been living with HIV since 1992, is celebrating 28 years of living with the virus.

She wrote;
“Living with HIV since 1992(the year I used to be born) Been on ARVs since 2005. Tested and officially Diagnosed on my 8th birthday 20 years ago. I’m GREATER THAN HIV. I’m a gorgeous STORY.

On another post, she wrote;
“28 years ago, the Morcha family was blessed with a daughter, her name Doreen Moraa Moracha. 8 years later she was diagnosed with HIV. there have been no ARVs and no hope that she would live to ascertain her 28th birthday today I celebrate LIFE because i’m GREATER THAN HIV and a wonderful host to a small guest. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME”


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