Coronavirus: Stricter measures introduced in Preston


Lockdown measures are reintroduced in Preston after an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Residents within the Lancashire city face stricter restrictions, which include banning separate households from meeting one another reception.

The council had already asked residents to follow extra precautions in a bid to halt the spread of the virus.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed the restrictions within these areas would remain in situ “as the information doesn’t yet show a decrease in the transmission of this terrible virus”.

Any changes to the measures are going to be announced by 14 August following a review next week, he added.

He said the choice to increase the restrictions to Preston was “at the request of the local area”.

Almost half the cases reported in Preston were among people aged 30 and younger, Lancashire’s director of public health, Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, said.

As Preston has been designated an “area of intervention” by the government , the town are going to be ready to access additional support to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Preston’s new restrictions mean that from midnight, people from different households haven’t been allowed to move outside their homes or private gardens.

Members of two different households are now also banned from mixing in pubs and restaurants, although individual households will still be ready to visit hospitality venues.

Social bubbles are exempt from the restrictions, and residents can meet in groups of up to 6 – or quite six if exclusively from two households – in outdoor areas like parks and beer gardens.

The tightening of measures only applies to those living within the boundary of the Preston council.


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