Botswana Governemnt Bans the Sale of Alcohol Due to Impacts on Coronavirus


The government of Botswana has watched with deep concern the impact of alcohol on the spread and adherence to COVID-19 protocols in Botswana and has therefore decided to ban the sale of alcohol. This means that all the spots, clubhouses, pubs, and all joints that sell alcohol are put on temporary hold until it is lifted.

One may wonder why the curb of coronavirus has to do with the banning of alcohol?. According to sources, when people drink alcohol in Botswana they tend to flout coronavirus protocols and which increase the spread. And so the impact of alcohol has negative effects on coronavirus spread in Botswana.

According to record, the country has 804 cases of coronavirus with 2 deaths, the government of Botswana has lockdown the Gaborone which is the hotspot of coronavirus for two weeks to help reduce the spread.


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