BBC To Go After Pensioners With Bailiffs Over TV Licence Fees


The British Broadcasting Corporation has vowed to enforce the law requiring pensioners to pay TV licence fees to the company.

The corporation is investing millions of pounds in infrastructure that can help them collect TV licence fees. They have plans to even chase pensioners with bailiffs if ministers should agree to adding a civil penalty to evading the fees.

If allowed, the bailiffs can seize and sell property belonging to pensioners to pay the licence fees.

The corporation is also putting up call centres with a staff population of 800 to answer and and handle resistance expected from pensioners over 75 year old.

According to The Daily Telegraph the new plans will cost the broadcaster £38 Million in the first year and £13 Million in following years.

Implementing all plans to enforce the payment of TV license will cost BBC £90 Million. There are about 4.5 Million eligible over 75-year-olds who are expected to pay their licence fees this year. The broadcaster could rake £700 Million in total if they all pay.

Anti-TV licence campaigners tore their Bill’s in protest against the new over 75s scheme

Meanwhile, the corporation is expected to face staunch opposition from pensioners over 75 years over the new over-75s scheme. Pensioners below the 75 age cap might also rebel in solidarity with the over 75s.

The BBC has also faced criticisms from charities who accused the broadcaster of sending long and complex letters to the pensioners. They also said, collectors pulling up the doors of pensioners can be frustrating.


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