Trump Advisor’s Daughter Call The President A “F**king Idiot”


Former Trump campaign manager and current counselor, Kellyanne Conway’s daughter has branded the President a “f**king idiot” after he called for schools to be reopened.

Schools were closed across the United States after the Coronavirus spread through the country, infecting more than 4.7 million people as well as killing some 150,000.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to rant that the cases in the country keep climbing because the country keeps testing more people, an old conspiracy theory he has been promoting for a while.

Claudia Conway (left) with her mother, Kellyanne Conway (right)

Conway’s 15-year-old daughter, Claudia Conway retweeted the tweet from the President and captioned it “you are a f**king idiot.”

Claudia again asked the President to “please shut up” after he again tweeted calling for schools to be reopened amidst the pandemic.

While Claudia’s mother is a counselor to the President, her father, George T. Conway III is the co-founder of an anti-Trump group called “The Lincoln Project”, a group of Republicans working against the reelection of Donald Trump.

Claudia said in July, that her parents were forcing her to delete her social media posts after she constantly criticized the President. She said she got her phone back two weeks after she was banned from social media by her parents.

Claudia has been advocating for eligible voters especially young voters to choose Joe Biden over Trump, who she branded a “racist”, a homophobe and a tyrant.


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