Coronavirus infections rising in England


The rate at which the coronavirus is spreading in England is alarming according to the health authorities and reports from  the  office of national statistics

A sample of households in England, excluding care homes and hospitals, were swabbed to check for current infection.

The ONS says daily cases have risen from an estimated 3,200 to 4,200 since last week. However, there are not enough data to suggest a better proportion of positive tests in any particular region. Confirmed cases reported by the government for an equivalent period were between 339 and 721 daily over an equivalent period (20- 26 July).

About 350,000 people were newly tested for coronavirus, not including those that were tested as a part of the ONS’s surveillance study. These are tests involving a nose and throat swab which may diagnose a current active coronavirus infection, but don’t show if someone has had the virus within the past.


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