Coronavirus: Vietnam coma pilot warns people ‘not to be blasé’


A Scottish pilot, who spent quite two months on a ventilator in Vietnam, has warned Britons “not to be blasé about coronavirus” as lockdown eases.

Stephen Cameron, 42, from Motherwell, was Vietnam’s sickest patient and has become known nationwide as Patient 91. “I’m a living example of what this virus can do and the way it’s serious,” he told reporters from his Wishaw single bed.

Dr. Manish Patel, the respiratory consultant has been liable for Mr. Cameron’s wellbeing since his return to Scotland. The pilot spent 68 days on a ventilator – most of which he was also reliant on an Ecmo machine, a sort of life support only utilized in the foremost extreme cases.

Dr. Patel told reporters that Mr. Cameron surviving such an extended time during a medically-induced coma was “exceptional”.

Cameron was said to have avoided a double lung transplant when his lung capacity fell to 10%. He also suffered multiple organ failure and lost 30kg (4.7 stone) in weight while during a coma, and remains struggling to steer despite extensive rehab.

“When I got up for the first time, I wondered, will I be ready to walk again? I didn’t know if I used to be paralyzed for all times because I could not feel my feet and that I wasn’t sure if that was the top of my flying career.”He said.

Mr. Cameron’s focus is to be able to fly a plane again by “early next year”. But his rehab is going to be long and arduous, and his job security has been thrown into doubt by the devastating effects the pandemic has wrought on the Asian aviation industry.


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