Indoor gyms and pools in England start to reopen


Gyms and swimming pools in England are said to have been opened after a long while due to the presence of the coronavirus which caused their closure.

The opening of the facilities comes with some strict rules which have been set for the owners of the facilities to make sure all follow and adhere to when they want to come.

According to reports, Gyms must follow strict hygiene and social distancing measures, such as limiting the number of people using the facility and spacing out equipment.

Facilities should also reduce class sizes and ensure adequate ventilation, according to government guidance issued earlier this month.

Tho Gyms and Swimming Pools are to open in England, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed gyms and sports facilities will not reopen in Luton or Blackburn with Darwen due to an increase in coronavirus cases in those areas.

People are advised to take good care of themselves when they attend these public facilities another not to contract the deadly coronavirus.


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