Kiki and Jay Breaks up after four years of relationship-Jay Confirms

    Popular social media lovers kiki and Jay have reportedly broken up after an argument ensued between the two lovers who had the attention of all.


    Jay who spoke about the breakup stated that she and her long time boyfriend have broken up and it never a prank as they won’t ever get back together with each other no matter what happens.

    According to Jay, most people are pointing fingers at her thinking she was the cause of the breakup which happened between them but it isn’t like that.

    Kiki also came out to narrate his side of the story giving the reason for the breakup and stating that it was Jay who called for the breakup and he was surprised since he hadn’t done anything wrong.

    The former lovers were said to have been the best couples in the country since they started dating over four years ago and have had a lot of admirers who wished they had similar relationships.

    Watch how Jay narrated her part of the story:


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