Soldier Trainee said he wants to go home over unbearable military training

    A very funny yet serious incident has taken place in the camp of the Ghana Military where people who aspire to become soldiers are being trained.

    A young man,25 years of age has shed uncontrollable tears as he begs to be sent back to his family stating that the training is very hard and he can’t cope anymore.

    The guy whose name was not mentioned was pictured sitting on the floor gasping for breath whiles pleading to be given his freedom so he can find a new profession for himself.

    ” I want to go back to the house I just can’t continue anymore,” He said.

    In the video which is at our disposal, one officer who is a trainer at the camp was seen motivating him to continue with the training as he also went through the same training whiles some others stood angry at the behaviour of the boy.


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