Hatfield ‘brutal’ arrest of teen referred to watchdog


A very shocking event has taken place as two police officers are seen arresting a teenage boy with brutal force as he struggles on the floor with them.

In the video, the teenager is been told to “let go of my hand or I’ll smash your face in” by a police officer while being arrested.

The incident took place at Hatfield, Hertfordshire on 14 July and has led to the Hertfordshire Police stating that the matter had been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Police said the boy was “acting suspiciously” and fled before officers then pursued and arrested him. Mother of the boy who was explaining her part of the incident stated that her son, who is of mixed race, was with two friends – a black boy and a white girl – at the time of his arrest.

“The police officers pulled up next to all three of the children, they separated both the black boys and all my son heard was: ‘We’re cuffing him,'” she said.

“I can’t see how you can stop two black children and let the white girl with blonde hair just walk away.”


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