UK’s Huawei 5G network ban is ‘disappointing and wrong’- China’s ambassador, UK


China has in a recent statement spoken about the ban on UK’s Huawei 5G network calling it to be very “Disappointing and Wrong”.

China’s ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming in a tweet stated that  “It has become questionable whether the UK can provide an open, fair and non-discriminatory business environment for companies from other countries.”

The UK government has ordered companies to strip equipment from Huawei out of the system by 2027. It follows sanctions imposed by the US, which claims the Chinese firm poses a national security threat – something Huawei denies.

UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden announced the decision in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Telecoms operators must remove Huawei equipment by 2027 and will be banned from buying Huawei equipment by the end of the year.

US President Trump welcomed the UK decision, calling Huawei “unsafe”. “We convinced many countries, many countries – and I did this myself for the most part – not to use Huawei because we think it’s an unsafe security risk, it’s a big security risk,” he said.


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