I’m COVID-19 Positive And I Board Trotro To Go For Treatment – Nurse Reveals


A frontline nurse has made a shocking revelation about how she boards the Totoro to go for treatment even tho she has contracted the deadly coronavirus and is in isolation in the house.

Abena who was speaking in the morning Starr stated that due to her financial difficulties and the failure of the COVID-19 team to transport her to the hospital for treatment, her only choice is to board public transport from Potsin in the Central region to Korle Bu hospital for treatment.

According to her, her husband, mother, and nine-month-old baby have not been tested since she tested positive for the disease two weeks ago.

The host of the show Francis Abban stood in awe as the lady narrated how she takes the trotro knowing she can infect others with the virus but still goes ahead to do it.

“We were given options of being admitted to the hospitals or isolating at home. I chose to self-isolate at home because I was scared of being charged when admitted. With where I stay at Potin, I can’t afford a taxi or Uber to Korle-Bu. I am COVID-19 positive and I have been told to come for a checkup on my own. I board public transport when going.”

“I have been home for two weeks now and I feel very bad. I am asymptomatic but the fact that you’ve been told you have COVID19 is sad. I live with my husband and a 9-month-old baby. Because of Covid19, I’ve had to send my baby to my mother. My husband stays in one room while I stay in one. There’s been no contact tracing and testing. They asked me to take some medication with people I live with because they assume that once I have maybe they also have it.”She said.


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