Coronavirus: Welsh pubs and cafes to reopen indoors on 3 August


The Welsh Government is planning to let pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants open indoors on August 3.

The announcement was made by First Minister Mark Drakeford at the Welsh Government press conference on Friday afternoon. Exemptions will also be made to Wales’ 2m distancing law, with businesses that cannot meet it expected to take precautions.

Hospitality businesses will be able to open outdoors from Monday.

Mr. Drakeford said: “I want to send a clear signal that, provided the reopening of outdoor hospitality goes well, and the state of the virus allows an indoor opening for pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants will resume from August 3.”

According to the Welsh Government; “When 2m cannot reasonably be maintained, the regulations will require businesses to put in place a set of additional measures to minimize the risk of the virus spreading, including taking reasonable steps to minimize close face-to-face contact and maintain hygiene.”

In other announcements, outdoor gyms, playgrounds, and community centers will be able to reopen on 20 July.

Campsites and other accommodation with shared facilities can reopen from 25 July.

On 27 July the following activities can restart:

  • Close contact services, such as beauty salons, tattoo shops, and nail parlors
  • The viewing of occupied homes for rent or sale
  • Cinemas, museums, and galleries


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