Sick SHS Student Left To Die Over Fear Of COVID-19


A very sad incident has happened in Kumasi as a student of KNUST senior high school was left to die after falling sick with the fear that he has the deadly coronavirus.

According to reports, students of the school demonstrated over the death of the student but took the intervention of the military to bring calm and order to the school.

According to the students, the deceased complained of having a stomach upset and needed medical attention but due to the negligence of the teaching body, the boy met his untimely death.

They further stated that the student was left unattended to on campus for over three hours before sent to the hospital where he died just an hour later.

News of the student who happened to be a business student who was about writing WASSCE drove the student population furious as they took to destroying properties of the school and even personal car that was been used by the headmistress of the school.

“We were demonstrating because yesterday one of our mates was sick and he was left to his fate to survive on his own because of the fear of coronavirus. Nobody attended to him.

“He was ill, he wasn’t showing any signs since morning but later in the afternoon around 3 o’clock he started vomiting because he had some stomach ache,” one student recounted.

“Then we rushed him to the classroom blocks but it seems the teachers were only waiting for his parents to come so that they could take him to the hospital. He was there for close to three hours before his dad came to pick him up.”

Speaking with the student they added that if the school authorities had acted fast the student wouldn’t have died.


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