President Trump Suffered Child Abuse At His Father’s Hands – Niece Reveals In Explosive Book


President of the United States Donald Trump suffered child abuse at a tender age at the hands of his father, Fred Trump according to the President’s niece.

The President’s niece, Mary Trump made the revelations in an explosive yet to be released memoir. The new book will be released on July 14, two weeks earlier than the actual release date due to high demand.

President Donald Trump (left) with his father Fred Trump Snr (right)

Mary wrote in her book that “love meant nothing” to the President’s father. All Fred Trump Snr wanted was for the President to respect him whether he likes it or not.

The book which will be titled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” revealed that the President’s mother became ill when he was 2-years-old. Trump was left in the care of his father as a result.

Mary wrote that the President’s father was a workaholic who neglected him causing the young Trump severe “deprivations” at a tender age.

Mary Trump who is a 55-year-old PhD holder in Psychology wrote that the President “meets the criteria for antisocial personality disorder, which in its most severe form is generally considered sociopathy” as a result of his predicament when he was young.

The book is already No.1 on the Amazon Best seller list although its release is still a matter of a court litigation which will be decided on Thursday in a New York court.


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