Coronavirus Fight in Burundi-Mass Testing Begins


Burundi has launched a massive coronavirus test campaign by the new government to fight the spread of the pandemic.

Former President Pierre Nkurunziza is accused of underestimating the problem. He said he had a heart attack almost a week before his death last month: “God has taken [coronavirus] from the sky of Burundi”.

But last week, his successor, Evariste Ndaishimiye, declared the coronavirus to be “Burundia’s main enemy” and is poised “to fight this enemy”.

At the beginning of the campaign in Bujumbura, many people were seen wearing masks. 640 tests were carried out, the highest number since March the virus was recorded in Burundi.

Since the new president took office on June 18, more than 1,900 tests have been carried out, compared to only 1,200 before. The health ministry said campaign tests would continue to show the condition of the virus in the country.

To date, Burundi has reported 191 cases from 3,200 tests carried out in the past three months. more needs to be done to curb the spread as the virus is permeating Africa at an alarming rate.


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