Nissan: New Brand to be Unveiled on July 15- Nissan’s Boss


Nissan cars are unarguably one of the best brands in the automobile industry in the world. According to sources Nissan had the vision of redesign and reinvention in May and want to unearth the result of it on July 15. 

The coronavirus should not permanently cannibalize business such as automobile. The invention comes after the world is trying to get vaccines and a cure for coronavirus. According to Nissan boss Uchida Makoto the new brand is an expression of reinvention, redesign, and aesthetics to suit current needs.

The Japanese automobile giant, Nissan had strategic alliance with Renault, Mitsubishi and that gave them the impetus to overtake Germany’s Volkswagen selling over 10.6 million brands of cars some years ago. However, before the strategic alliance, it was able to sell 5.8 million cars with a profit margin of $5.2bn in 2017.

Nissan is still a strong competitor in the automobile industry in the world and so other automobile firms should mop up strategies to compete favorably.


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