Hong Kong: Chinese Ambassador Warns UK Over ‘Interference’


 Liu Xiaoming who happens to be the China ambassador to UK has called for the country to not interfere in the country’s imposition of a new national security law.

Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said the UK’s offer of a path to citizenship for up to three million Hong Kong amounted to “gross interference”.

According to him, China’s new national security law and derided the UK’s offer to provide up to 3 million Hong Kong people with a path to citizenship, describing the move as a gross interference in China’s affairs.

The security law imposed on Hong Kong by Beijing last week makes secessionist, subversive, or terrorist activities illegal, as well as foreign intervention in the city’s internal affairs. Activities such as shouting slogans or holding up banners and flags calling for the city’s independence is violating the law regardless of whether violence is used.

Mr Liu also warned the UK that if it decided against using Chinese tech giant Huawei’s technology to build its 5G network, this would send a “very bad message to other Chinese businesses”g to Liu,Uk has no business in the affairs of the country and should stay out of anything that has to do with the new law that was imposed .

Speaking at a virtual press briefing in London, Liu Xiaoming warned Boris Johnson “you cannot have a golden era if you treat China as an enemy”.


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