Duffield Deaths: Man Admits Murdering Wife and New Partner


A very terrific incident has happened as a man by name Rhys Hancock has admitted to killing her ex and her partner on new years eve after he stabbed them both and left them to die in their house in Duffield, Derbyshire.

According to reports,Helen Hancock, 39, and Martin Griffiths, 48 where the two people that were been killed by the man after which he called the police to report himself.

Police officers found the bodies of mother-of-three Ms Hancock and father-of-two Mr Griffiths in the house.

An inquest heard both had suffered multiple stab wounds and there was a blunt trauma injury to Ms Hancock’s right eye.

A previous court hearing was told Hancock had found out about his wife’s new relationship on 26 December.

Rhys Hancock

Hancock’s mother had called police just after 04:00 warning them he had left the house with two knives after earlier telling her he “felt like killing them”.

A phone operator tried to call Ms Hancock’s mobile number but it went to answer phone.


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