Forgiveness in Relationship


The offender must really accept and realize his or her mistakes. This is a stage where the offender has really and genuinely repented of his misconduct. In relationship or marriage offenses are inevitable. However, the magnitude of some offenses is deeper than others. The one who cheated is not the same as the one who did not give attention to the other, however,it is relative.

The offender must really decide to take steps to ask for forgiveness. The offending spouse or fiancee must really ask himself or herself these;

how do I ask for forgiveness?

do I involve a third party considering the gravity of the offense?.

do I precede it ‘I am sorry’ card?

He/ She should be really ready for the immediate response that may come from the offended when forgiveness is asked.

Asking for forgiveness involves practically and genuinely letting the offended know that he/she has been hurt badly. The whole process should be natural. Once the act is genuinely done the response on so many occasions is positive. After forgiveness is achieved the offender must fully demonstrate that he/she was sorry for the wrong done by turning a new leave evidentially. The offender must not repeat the mistake again. The offender must know that damage to which he/she was responsible is being repaired here and so what should be done to gain the trust and love again from the other spouse or finance should be done with amazing with alacrity and rapidity.

If offenses, especially of a particular nature, are repeated regularly it mars the wonders, beauty, and effectiveness of forgiveness in relationship or marriage.



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